How to choose right Las Vegas Casino ?

Las Vegas is the no-1 gambling city in the world and this city is well known for its excellent casinos, world famous poker tournaments, excellent poker players and fabulous nightlife. A great number of people are planning to go for a Las Vegas trip and they want to play poker in Las Vegas casino but they do not have the proper idea about the casinos in Las Vegas so that they can choose from. It is really very difficult to determine what the right casino is. With the right and perfect thought, you can easily find right casino to choose.  Therefore, it is really important to know how to select the right Las Vegas Casino.

Before selecting a casino, you must consider some important matters. Location is the most important matter that comes first. If you are coming from airport then nearby casinos would be the suitable place for you because you can easily reach there by free shuttles offered by the Vegas casinos. If you are planning to take the accommodation in Las Vegas strip then you should choose the casino which is directly connected with the strip.  Las Vegas strip is very long and that is why it is very important to select a casino which is near the location on the strip you decide the visit.

The Luxor is one of the most well known casino hotels is Las Vegas and it is completely Egyptian themed and it is shaped like a Egyptian pyramid. There are many rides and attractions for children but these are also Egyptian themed.

Excalibur is also another well known casino and it is medieval themed. It is full of shops and restaurants and this is highly recommended for the people who have child with them.

Circus Circus is an entertaining casino and it is a great casino to bring your child in. It is like a circus and it has a midway with many carnival games and circus acts every hour.

If you want to go for an adult casino then you must visit “Bellagio”. It is an Italian themed casino and it is surrounded by Gondolas where you can spend a very romantic time. It offers excellent Italian cousins and there you can find very elegant shopping centers.

Gambling or poker room is the common feature of this casinos and Las Vegas has huge amount of pleasures to offer you.

Online slots better than the real thing?

Slots are increasingly popular on the internet, which is not very surprising since they are among the most popular casino games in real casinos as well. Slots are fun and simple – no complicated rules or exceptions to memorize and if you’re playing a jackpot slot you can win millions on the next spin.

Slots online are surpassing their real cousins though, and are making use of the possibilites of a pure digital environment – the graphics are stunning, the sounds awesome and there are even special bonus games that are more like regular computer games. The combination of these factors make online slots a very entertaining and potentially hugely rewarding passtime. We haven’t seen the end of this development yet, mark my words – in a few years casino games will blow you away and leave their brick-and-mortar casino cousins in the dust.

Have fun!

Las Vegas Card Game Object ?

Card games have gone a long way from the simple indoor games played by our family. Lasvegas card game is the only place where you can find details of most popular card game like Blackjack 21, Baccarat etc.. in detailed and provide you best lasvegas card game sites that is most safest and easy to play with.

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Blackjack 21

What is Blackjack 21?

Online black jack is a card game that is popular worldwide and is also commonly known as 21.The basic object is to get the highest hand that counts as close as near to twenty-one but not over twenty-one. To win, the player’s hand must count higher than that of the dealer’s and the highest hand wins, and at the same time the hand must not go over 21, if that happens, they bust. Blackjack is not solely a matter of luck of the draw but also a combination of skill and chance.

How to Play Blackjack 21?


1.) First and foremost is planning of money that is how much you are ready to lose. Make it understand that odds are against you although everybody wants to win. Spend money on Blackjack you thought of as for entertainment with a little luck and more of chance to win money.
2.) Select a table you want to play with, a table that has a minimum bet. $5 is usually the lowest bet. To play ten hands at the minimum bet is a good plan(for example have at least $50,if minimum bet is $5).You can go long enough by having enough money as Blackjack is a game of swings. .
3.) To start with a low minimum bet is a good strategy if you are unknown to or inexperienced at blackjack. Bets can be increased as you get going if you want .Tables with lower stakes tend to have people who are either new or less experienced. If you are new and nervous, get a table with less people so you can place yourself with ease.
4.) When you are ready to play, sit down and put the amount of money on the table you want to bet in front of you for the dealer to change. Do not try to hand it to the dealer. You will get chips from the dealer for your money.
5.) Place the amount on the table you want to bet in the circle (amount must be the table minimum).Do not touch your chips once dealing starts, it can be taken as cheating by casino, that you are trying to cheat.
6.) The game begins with two cards face up dealt with each player. The dealer is dealt with one card face up and one card face down. The main logic of the game is to get closer To 21, not exceeding 21, necessarily higher than that of dealer‘s hand. Any player exceeding 21 will lose, including the dealer also. Blackjack is not playing against the other players, but playing vis a vis the dealer only. Every player who is still in play wins if dealer busts (exceeds 21).
7.) Cards with numbers 2 through 10 represent their face value and are worth equal to the value on the card. Aces are count as 1 or 11depends on the players wish while all face cards (jack, Queen, king) count as10.
8.) If you get a blackjack on your first two cards means cards equals 21(an ace and a face card) and the dealer card is not an ace you automatically win. You can get 1.5 times on your bet in some casinos if you get a Blackjack. If the dealer card is ace, dealer will check whether they have Blackjack means 21.If the dealer also equals 21,this is neither win nor lose situation(means you don’t lose your bet).
9.) The Players will get options of “stay” or “hit” after the two cards are dealt. Dealer will ask whether you want to “stay” with your current hand and be dealt with no additional cards, or” hit” (asking for additional cards).Depends on the hand what you have and what the dealer has.
10.) Normally, the dealer hits (ask for more cards) on16 and under and stays on17 and above that is 17 to 21, or busts if exceeds 21 and loses. One who busts before the dealer loses.
11.) Look at your hand whether to stay or hit. If you are between 17 to 20, always stay (don’t ask for more cards and wait for the dealer‘s turn).These hands are pretty good and you can win if the dealer have to stay on a number below what you have.
12.) You always hit (ask for another card) if the number is11 or under. Number 11 or below can never let you lose so take another card to get closer to 21or even you can get a blackjack.
13.) Out of three there is almost one chance of getting card of face value 10 , this is the key in blackjack. You should always assume that the next card you hit (or that someone else will hit) will be 10.
14.) Always use the dealer’s hand as your guide on how to move. If dealer hand is showing 7,8,9,10 or any face card you must assume that the card face down is 10,and dealer has beat you. If the dealer’s hand is 6 or less, then also assume the hidden card as 10, in that case the dealer will have to hit (must hit on less than17).
15.) While your chance to show that you want to hit (take another card)point at your card without touching your cards. If you don’t want another card (want to stay) wave your hand in your table area. What you mean to do is seen by the cameras above you so always do this on table. These are the recognized ways to stay or hit at casino.
16.) You can get on hot streak if you do things in the right way and in the right time and you will minimize advantages of the house. So go along with the strategy as well as luck and have fun and enjoyable experience.

Terms used in Blackjack 21

To Play Blackjack a player must know the basic terms of blackjack. As you know what Blackjack is –Getting 21 or closer to 21with first two cards dealt. Some important terms of Blackjack are-

Bust- If a player total goes over 21, he bust, it eliminates player from the game and the dealer automatically wins. If dealer hand goes over 21, this is also a losing hand for dealer also and all the other players win.

Hit-When a player takes another card to be dealt to your hand.

Stand- No additional cards are dealt and you stay with the current hand.

Double down-when player doubles the wager means placing an additional bet equal to the original one. Player can draw one and only one further card if he doubles down. This option may be used only on the first two cards dealt.

Push – An outcome in which hand value of player and of the dealer equals. Thus this is neither winning situation.

Insurance-This is a case in which the player put aside a sum of bet equals to half of the value of the original bet, if the dealer showing an ace. This is done before the dealer checks his hole card .Insurance pays off 2:1if the dealer has blackjack and if the dealer has not, the player loses his wager.

Hole card-The dealer’s card which is facing down.

Split-The player may split, if the cards dealt are of equal worth that is of same value.

Split means the player can double the wager and each card he receives as first card in a new hand. Generally this is limited to two hands.

Blackjack 21 Tips and Warnings

1.) You always split when you are dealt two Aces or two eights. When your turn comes you say split and double the bet. Split your cards into two different hands by this method and your each hand will be dealt another card(this will give you two complete hands with further two cards).Although any hand can be split but you always split Aces and eights, by this technique you would have two potential pretty good hands from a bad starting.
2.) Doubling down is another technique to remember. You can double down by saying “double down” on any hand and this doubles your bet when your turn comes (this can be done only before your first hit).you will get only one additional card from the dealer and you cannot hit for next time. Double down always, when your first two cards equal value 11since the chance is very good for getting a 10 or you can hit Blackjack.
3.) Wallet card can be bought from casino gift shops (some casinos sell them and are usually very cheap).Wallet card can be used for reference at the table.
4.) Techniques described above are the preferred methods to play so keep them in mind while playing. Your decisions while playing can have ramifications on others at the table. Play regular for the best chance to win.

Blackjack 21 Card Counting

In the game of Blackjack, cards through 2 to 10 are equal to their values. While all face cards (Jack, king, Queen) represents as 10 and Aces value depends on the player, can be counted as 1 or 11.


What is Baccarat is ?

Baccarat is a classic card game played in casino, pronounced as bah-kuh-rah, wherein the main object of the game is to reach a total as close as possible to 9. Therefore the winner is the player who holds two or three cards whose total is closest to 9.

How to Play Baccarat ?

-Baccarat is simple and classic game and you can have fun playing Baccarat.

-In the game of Baccarat the main aim is to make a hand total closer to 9.

-There are certain possible results or outcomes to the game of Baccarat-they are Player, Banker or tie. Player and Banker are simply the options on which the customer can bet. Player and Banker are terms that only designate the two hands dealt in the game thus these terms do not refer to the customer and the house. It is customary for the dealer to bet on Banker (Banco).

– Baccarat is usually played with six or eight deck of cards.

-Baccarat is the name of the game which means zero and the worst possible hand.

-All cards through 2 to 9 are worth equal to face values while all 10, Jack, King and Queen count as zero. Ace value is equal to 1.As the highest possible total is 9 so when a hand score goes over nine, the ten digits drops. Thus if a hand totals 16(7+9), it will drop down the ten (or the left digit) and the hand total is worth 6.In essence, Bust is not possible in Baccarat.

– Baccarat is a game in which two hands are dealt and you have option to bet which hand will win, or you can bet that they will tie and the payoff is 1:1(except for the standoff, which payoff is 8-1).If you win a bet on Banker (Banco) you will be levied 5% commission or tax by casino-the in- built house edge, this is the only difference between Banker and Player bet.

-Each hand is dealt minimum of two and a maximum of three cards. Two cards are put face down, held under the shoe by the person who is dealing. The player With the largest bet on punto(Player) will get the other two cards, face down.

-The Player with a bet on Punto then looks at the cards and gives them back to the player who is dealing. Then the player who is dealing will turn over the cards of both hands while the results and the winner will be announced by the one of the casino dealer.

-If the total of hand of either player or Banker is 8 or 9(nine is the highest),it is called as natural ,they will stand and no additional cards are dealt. If the hand is not natural, the third card is dealt depending on the value of each hand. All casinos use precise set rules to the decision to deal third card.

-The hand with the highest count wins after the dealing is completed.

Baccarat Rules

  • Baccarat card game is usually played from the shoe of six decks or an eight deck.
  • There are only three outcomes on which player can bet on, player (punto), Banker (banco) and a tie (standoff).
  • Two cards are drawn each by the Player and the Banker. Your aim is to bet on the hand that as per you will have the highest count.
  • Both the player and the banker may be dealt a third card, this depends on the following third card-rules .These rules are not necessary to learn, these are mandatory decisions depending on specific situations and therefore automatic. Chance of error only on rare occasions.

Baccarat Terms

  • Banco –Term used for Banker.
  • Bankroll – A player’s total gambling money on the bet.
  • Carte –A French term for request a card be dealt.
  • Coup – A French term for a round of play.
  • Croupier – French term for dealer.
  • Down Card – A card face down.
  • Face Cards – The Jack, Queen, and King of any suit of cards.
  • High Roller – A player that wagers big bets.
  • House Edge – The casino in-built advantage, usually gained by paying less than the odds.
  • Le Grande – French for natural 9.
  • Mini-baccarat – A smaller version used for table baccarat.
  • Monkey – A term for a face card or a 10.
  • Natural – An 8 or a 9 with the first two cards dealt.
  • Palette – The tool (usually a long flat wooden baton) used in the Baccarat game to move cards on the table.
  • Punto – The term used for Player.
  • Shoe – It is a device, usually a wooden box, used for holding and dispensing playing cards to be dealt to the players.
  • Shuffle Up – Premature shuffling of playing cards by the dealer.
  • Standoff – Term used for a tie.
  • Up card – A face Card up.

Baccarat’s Player’s Third Card Rule

  • When the first two cards are dealt and either the player or banker cards totals 8 or 9 no additional cards are dealt. The result is called as natural and both automatically stands and the hand are over since no options left.
  • When the player has a hand total of 6 or 7, the player stands.
  • If the player stands, the banker draws a further card on a total of 5 or below and the banker stands if its total is 6or 7.
  • When the player’s total is equal to5 or below 5, the player hits means draws a third card.
  • When the player is dealt third card then the banker will draw the third, and it will be determined by the Bank’s third card- rule.

Baccarat’s Third Card Rule

  • If the banker’s total is 0, 1 or 2, banker always draws a card.
  • If the banker’s total is 3,banker draws a third card if player’s third cars is 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-9-0 (except 8)
  • If the banker hand total is 4, banker draws a third card if the Player third card is 2-3-4-5-6-7 that is unless the player third card was a 0, 1, 8 or 9.
  • If the banker hand total is 5, banker draws a third card if the player third card was 4, 5, 6 or 7.
  • If the banker hand total is 6, banker draws a third card if the player third was 6 or 7.
  • If the banker hand total is 7, the banker stands.
  • One with the count closest to 9 wins after the final dealing.

3 Card Poker

Three Card Poker has speedily become one of the most trendy table games in Online Casinos because it’s easy to learn and fun to play. Where you
are playing against the seller to see who has the main hand and there is the
Pair Plus game, where you are wager on whether or not you will be deal a pair or

Seven Card Stud

In this game each player receives three cards down and four cards up. The finest five-card poker hand out of seven cards wins the pot. To play, every player receives two cards down and one card up. The players with the lowest up card have to open the betting. This is the only compulsory bet in the game and other players may call the bet.

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