How I win 250,000 DKK from sports betting

I make money with sports betting. I also help other people make money from sports betting. It’s not about luck. It’s about probabilities and systems. I hacked the numbers. I have created prediction algorithms.


Hi. My name is Jholan and i won 250k from betting sport!

I make money with sports betting. I also help other people make money from sports betting. It’s not about luck. It’s about probabilities and systems. I hacked the numbers. I have created prediction algorithms.

I have customization systems that tell me which events I should bet my money on and how much. Personally, I have received a total of DKK 250,000 ($ 37,000) tax-free winnings since I started serious sports betting in 2017 and have had a total of 8 profitable seasons in a row.

Best of all, I don’t spend more than 30 minutes a day on sports betting. Not bad, right? Let me tell you about my betting history. My average odds are 2.54 and range between 1.02 and 28.71. I have invested in 5,641 sporting events. I won 2945 tournaments and lost 2696 tournaments. This is 52% of the wins. I have a 7% return on investment.. It is not impressive compared to all the “gurus” out there. But unlike many “gurus” my betting history can be viewed and checked online, and it’s free for everyone. Complete your betting history here. I am very honest with my family, girlfriend and friends about my sports betting.

In recent years, I have encountered a lot of resistance and anxiety.

I am lucky to meet friendly people who ask interesting questions. I answer the following questions. I will leave some other questions for future posts. This is one of my favorite misconceptions. First of all, the quote comes from the world of casinos. And there is a big difference between the casino and sports betting. In a casino, there are a series of rules or mechanisms for the development of the game. Sporting events are influenced by people, which greatly affects the results. Rollett is obvious. A total of 18 black and 18 red numbers.. You will double your money if you win at any of them.

50% of the profit with the corresponding payment. Wonderful. But it is also quite boring as it will eventually balance out. This is a bad casino business. So they entered 0, and in some cases also 00. They are both green. Now your chances of winning are down to 47.4% -48.6% and you will still double your money if you win. This is bad business for you. No system has ever been proven better than roulette (in real life), forget it! Blackjack is a bit tricky. You can make money with the right methods, I know what I’m talking about.

I know the basic strategy, High-Low, Advanced High-Low and Red Seven along with their charts.

And I made money at the casinos using these methods. In fact, working for hours is very time consuming and quite tedious. But let’s get back to the reason why blackjack players tend to lose to casinos in the long run.. You put money on the table before you see what cards you are dealt. When betting on sports, you choose which events you want to bet on. I know what I prefer. Second, there is more than one house. Each bookmaker is its own company with different offers and functions. So it’s more like a town where you visit the houses that best suit your needs at that time. Third, it is not a universal truth that home always wins. The sportsbooks are not actively trying to take your money talking. They actively try to raise as much money as possible. Also, they don’t always balance their ledgers to have the same amount of money for each outcome. Why not use your belief in the wrong weather conditions for a particular result? When bookmakers distort your odds of winning based on potential winnings rather than the actual probability of an outcome, they reduce your chances of winning that outcome. This means that players receive less money for the potential profit.


At the same time, it increases the probability of an opposite outcome, which means a better return on money for a player like me.

The difference between the stock market and sports betting is that, in the stock market, only people “agree” on the price of something that is worth something. In sports betting, bookmakers can also alter the price-odds ratio.. I made 5641 bets. The “long term” is too long or I have plans. I like to use the pond as a metaphor. The bookies are big shots and the players are small. A big fish wants to eat as much fish as possible. Sometimes it seems to fish that all their food is on one side of the pond. Usually the big fish hunt all over the pond, but seeing that most of the smaller fish are gathered on one side of the pond, they decide to have a feast. This leaves a lot of good food for fish like me on the opposite side of the pond. Data-driven sports betting has nothing to do with instinct. I use a fund management strategy that takes into account my current finances (expenses and income) and how much I can afford to lose during a bad period. As long as I trust my prediction algorithms, I save the amount of money I can afford based on my risk profile. Over the years, my participation in all sporting events increased as I enriched myself from various sources of income (stocks, P2P loans, sports betting, advice, copy trading).

Sports betting is an investment, like any other investment.

The only difference is that I have a lot of comparable data, plus a sample of individual stocks that will skyrocket over the next five years. I’m not sure I fully understand the question.. Currently I find myself in a situation where every year I get richer and richer since I can invest more and more money in each sporting event. Yes, I have bad streaks. But that’s why I have a fund management system. I want to be millionaire. Not for money. I really don’t like spending money. But because many of life’s boring problems can be eliminated from the equation if you have enough money. And that leaves room for everything that really matters. Relationships, freedom, charity. I am often faced with a dilemma when I discuss sports betting with people. For one thing, I don’t want to tell you how this is done. On the other hand, I am very happy to show how I have managed to make big profits in what everyone thinks is impossible. Future blog posts will be 1) actual betting options for the next few days 2) the ideas behind my betting algorithms 3) my personal considerations of being a profitable sports bettor have canceled most sporting events including the Euro and the Olympic Games and Grand Slam tournaments. most football leagues. So all my bets are free on my website for the rest of the season if you are interested.. My clients returned their money before the end of the season. I do not accept money if I am not sure what sporting events will take place.